STOPit Admin – Incident Management Platform

STOPit Admin – Incident Management Platform

STOPit Admin is the back-end system for managing incidents submitted via the STOPit App or Web.

From STOPit Admin, administrators can follow up on incidents, send out broadcast notifications, and run analytics & trend reports.

User access is entirely customizable based on organization, and alerts are available via email or text to let you know when a new incident has been submitted.

Over 3,000 organizations live

Average time to address an incident is less than 5 minutes

Incident Management for your Organization

"Instead of us being reactive all the time and saying we’re waiting for a problem to arise, now we’re spending our time on the front end mitigating those problems."
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– Dr. Andrew Williams

STOPit Admin Features

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Automatic Documentation:
Actions are instantly captured in an Audit log to give you a documented account of all actions.

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Workflow Tools:
Customize alerts to notify your administrative team of new incidents via email or text, and assign incidents to designated users to improve workflow and your incident management process.

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Instant Communication:
Encrypted and anonymous messaging allows for back-and-forth communication about an incident with the incident submitter, and Broadcasts allows for the sending of mass communication to the entire organization.

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Access the entire STOPit Admin from your mobile device to manage incidents on the go.